Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome to Grandma's House

I dream about the day I arrived to my happy place.  The place where my inner-spirit begins to unwraps like a cocoon, spreading my wings to new adventures.

I will live on a small farm-like setting with a front and back porch. Watching the sunrise and sunset is important to me.  Small animals perhaps goats, chickens for fresh eggs and big dogs roaming free, perhaps a cat to keep the field mice away.
I have beautiful gardens filled with succulent flowers and my favorite vegetables.  Perhaps with that much vegetation and flowers, a small bee hive would be appropriate to keep the balance of life moving in my yard and fresh honey on my table.
There’s an old work shed around back, that’s my studio.  I’ll have large canvases stretched wall to wall for my creative sessions of splatter, I’ll have learned how to weld and blow glass to create beautiful gates or other unique pieces of art.
There will be a freedom for my family and grandchildren to come play, make messes and snuggle by the fire at night.
This place is better known as “Grandma’s House” where you are welcome any time...
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