Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Achieving Personal Goals

As a woman, we experience many highs and lows of life.  It's not hard to loose focus on accomplishments with so many distractions we face on a daily basis. 
Take a minute to write down some of your challenges you have successfully overcome over the years; think about areas that truly tested your ability to function as a woman, that you managed somehow to work through and realize there is no longer a challenge. Gaining the ability to work through challenges will help you develop the confidence you need to be a confident woman.  
Some successes women face occur during the career building phase, perhaps you took courses to develop your passion into a career or after achieving personal goals, settling down to raise a family.
After you have written your list, you may realize how much you have already achieved in life. Women over 50 may think they have not accomplished much in life and become depressed.  Stop robbing yourself from the beautiful life you have created.  Step back and look at yourself as if you were someone else looking into your world...you may find that you really like the person you have become and will begin to see yourself the way others do...a beautiful, confident woman!

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