Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank God for Special Friends...

Have you ever had a moment, when you recognize a blessing in your life because of a friend?

Over the past few months since my separation, I have been blessed by people who have appeared in my life and have bless my life in various ways...some brought words of encouragement, others brought fun and excitement, a few provided a shoulder to lean on and one brought reality to Renee's world.

Reality came when I noticed a new relationship was forming with someone special. Friendships open your heart to new perspectives about your dreams, hopes and goals in life. I love friends that challenge me to pursue my passion; friends keep you in check by holding you accountable for your actions; true friends will let you into their world because they trust you. Those that know me, understand that trust is "huge" in my world.

Sharing goals and passions for life with special friends and learning to trust those that have come to know me, was a big step for me.
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