Friday, August 13, 2010

Living Alone for the First Time

Ok, so you know you're slacking when your friends write you and remind you that they are wanting to know what's going on in my life because I have not been blogging since July. Where has time gone over the past few months...I have come a long way since April when my life change suddenly. My daughter Kris, had just come home from college to live with us during the summer when the bottom fell out of my world. I was so thankful to have her home at that time, I could not imagine being alone during that time, but here I am, four months later and it's time to take her back to school.

Tonight she packed her clothes, sorted through items she would take back with her while I cleaned closets, sorted through memories that were thrown in forgotten places four months ago; as I prepare myself for another "first" in my life. You see, I've never lived alone, and I will be as of Saturday.

I have to admit, I am somewhat nervous about being alone, but I believe it will be a growing experience for me. I have learned so much about myself over the past few months that I now look forward to changes in my life, embrace new opportunities, and I challenging myself to step outside the box and take more chances than ever before. I've been successful in loosing 35 lbs. since April, it's funny, it took me seven years to put the weight back on and only four months to take it off.........hmmm.

I am in the final weeks of my last semister, with the understanding that knowledge is the key to my success, puts me in a mindset that having my career goals well defined while uncovering my passion in life, is going to be a challenge, but will enable me to achieve the ultimate feeling of accomplishment that most people never experience.

I appreciate everyone that made deposits into my life, as I feel more alive today than any other time in my life. I wake up each morning and look out over my beautiful city and thank God that I have the privilage to see the sun rise in the morning and to watch the most beautiful sun sets in the evenings when I return home. God knew those moments were important to me, as my grandmother use to remind me how special those times were, to witness God's blessings of light and darkness while reflecting on my those of you that are still reading my post, I love and appreciate your friendship, your faithfulness and strength that enabled me to reach this place in my life.

Oh, Bob, I didn't forget about you. You wanted to know about my personal life, well, Tony and I are enjoying everyday we have together, we still have busy lives and are managing to balance our time pretty well. We have mutual friends and attend social events often; we also spend time with his children which provide me the opportunity to sit back and reflect....There are nights when we do not see each other, but that does not mean we are not thinking of the is good. I will keep you posted on the next phase of my journey in alone for the first time........
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