Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Discovering my "Inner-Diva"

I have learned many new things about Renee, that were hidden secrets recently discovered. I was invited to be a part of a fashion show for hair and was told that my "do" would be a fantasy do. After watching the video at a friends newly opened salon, I was both excited and scared. Am I to get this "what ever" hair style and parade around like a peacock? I wanted to but had never done this type of work before...would I be good, would I look stupid...these are typical feelings right?

After my hair was finished and makeup complete, I didn't care what anyone thought; I felt amazing! As if someone came into my world, pealed back the skin and revealed the inner diva within me. I paraded around like a proud peacock, loving those that I mingled with, laughing at what ever was amusing and realizing for the first time,I was having fun doing something I loved doing. My friends at "I Love My Hair and Skin" made this happen for me.

I'm a pretty open vessel, I love to have fun, welcome challenges and will speak my mind. I can honestly say, this salon made me feel like I was beautiful, stunning and desired. Tony was expecting me afterwards and when I greeted him upon arriving home, he made me feel even more beautiful by expressing his approval of the look...that was an important moment in my life that made me feel freedom like never before and to later be greeted by the man you care so deeply for, reinforce what you've been feeling all night, well, ladies, I felt like the most beautiful woman on earth! That was a first! I want my friends to experience this moment for themselves.

Salons come and go, but this one stands out to me because of the needs I had as a woman. They met me where I was, provided a solution for what I wanted and made it happen!

Try it for yourself and expect to find your inner diva.
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