Thursday, October 7, 2010

Learning How To Live Alone and How To Trust...

I can confess, that living alone has its one knows if my bed is not made or if the dishes are not done; however, anyone that knows me knows I always make my bed and my kitchen is clean because I do not want to come home to a mess.

When my daughter returned to college, I was apprehensive about being alone; maybe it was because it would be my first time to experience it. What I have discovered is, I enjoying my alone time.

My life has taken different turns through the connection of new friends and for those special people that have become dear to my heart; I thank you for allowing me into your life. These groups of people are a part of various social networking groups within Meet up Orlando, and when we are together, it's like an extension of my family. We recently went boating and had the best time just having fun. We attended a downtown concert which began with a social hour on my balcony. I encourage anyone that finds them self alone and friendless to join a meet up group and get connected to some pretty amazing people.

Life has a funny way of showing us how silly some of the "so-called-issues of life" really are. You can't always be serious about things that really do not matter. Be spontaneous; take a chance, like NIKE says, "Just Do It".

Something I have learned while taking chances is to trust that inner-most part of my heart, the part that says, "Hey, what are you worried about?" Have I not been here to guide you, to see you through? You see, that is the voice that some people ignore, I do not, because it's the voice I have trusted for so many years, not that I've always listened to it... but I have learned to not become anxious when stressful times come creeping up my backside. Instead, I find something that brings me joy and I focus on it. Think about it, if I were to die tonight, I would know I was in control of my world, not my world controlling me.

Another area in my life that I have been working on is Trust. This is BIG in my world. If I do not trust you, you might as well keep moving on. I have learned that trust is the foundation and stability in my life. Without trust, I have nothing. I trust my heart, I trust my children and I trust a few others very close to me.

I have deep gratitude for those that have remained in my life, offering support, friendship and love during some of my life's biggest challenges. Some of you have kicked me in the ass when I needed it; others have comforted me when I was discovering my weaknesses, while some offered me insight on alternate perspectives. All together, it equates to a well-balanced lifestyle that is working for me.

One thing I will leave you with is this, life is too short to be angry, sad and depressed.....find that place that brings you comfort, love and happiness. I have finally discovered that special's deep within my soul and I control it.
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