Monday, July 12, 2010

Stepped Out and Took a Chance

So what can I say except, I am so glad I took this trip with Tony.

Thinking about how long we have known each other and to have hit it off so well, I would have been crazy to not step out and take a chance on experiencing this journey in life with someone so special.
I recall a few reactions from friends that looked shocked that I would travel for a week to Mexico with a man I've known for a short time but, you know if they could have, they would have too! So live this journey with me and be happy for me. I have come to realize that a good relationship is worth the effort to give it your all. We are in no hurry for anything complicated, we only focus on day to day. We both lead busy lives and are content with how we manage our time together as well as apart.

If you have ever wondered "what if" or "if only" what are you waiting for? You only live once, make the best of each day you have, love those closest to you with all of your heart and soul, be honest to yourself and those you love, take chances you might have otherwise passed up...don't go through life with regrets. Thank God when he brings people into your life and when He removes them. Find the good, build from that and watch it grow.

I am discovering my strengths again, I understand that I choose my destiny, destiny does not choose me...I choose to love and to laugh at myself and know that I am wonderfully made in His image; to not be afraid of tomorrow because tomorrow may never come and to be thankful for all that comes my way and to bless those that find themselves walking with me on this journey called life...
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