Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do Men Really Know What Women Want?

Most men have absolutely no earthly idea what women really want in a relationship.
Some men indicate on their profiles, they love sunsets, walks on the beach, drinking wine, laying by the fire while giving you a massage........others tell you things they think you want to hear.

Seriously, do they really sit back and think about what would make a woman happy and honestly try to fulfill her needs and desires for a healthy relationship or do they extend blank promises to satisfy their own needs?

Personally, I am tired of the impress me dance. Damn it, take our breath away!

Do you really want to know who we are, what moves us,what sparks that inner passion within us? This is the mindset of most women, we do not want to hear the cliche's any longer....we are tired of the norm...I think I speak for most women who have yet to allow themselves to speak up.

Men, put the thoughts of what you think we want aside, and come into our world and let your inner-man experience something that will blow your mind.... the inner-most presence of a confident woman...
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