Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Colors are Coming Together.......

Well, I have to say I have had an incredible time discovering myself this week...I am walking this journey slow, as to not miss a single moment that might elude learning something new about myself.
The first color I chose for my canvas was blue.....representing peace that I have found in my life...I have come to understand why I am here and what I must do...

The second color I chose this weekend is, red.....which will symbolize passion.......I learned a lot about myself this weekend, I learned to take control of those emotions that once caused me pain, I learned that through this control, I would find peace and inner-happiness and a sense of well-being...and through this peace I discovered passion, like never before. That story will unfold another day, but for now, know that I am on this journey to uncover the inner-woman within me and can not wait to share these moment with you, my friends....who have carried me through the most difficult times of my life.

Let us celebrate life, friendship and love......for this is what life is really about.
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