Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting the colors of life................

Sitting in my 17th floor downtown condo, I find myself in the very place my dreams have warned me about, since I was a little girl. I guess you could say this is it! The moment of truth...I am almost 50, mother of two grown children, finding my way through a divorce while working and attending school full-time.

Writing is a secret passion of mine. Writing about experiences in my life or self-discovery moments as a woman, illuminates the Silhouette of what a real woman’s secret fantasy is.

Throughout my life, ensuring everyone else’s happiness seemed to place me in 2nd place in this circle of life. Not anymore! Opportunity for that 2nd chance has raised its face, and I am going to paint the colors on this face and celebrate self-discovery from every direction my life chooses to take.

I could have told you about my role as a mother and a wife and all of my struggles with men who tried to be husbands, but that would have been the norm; too boring for me is time to remove the mask, pick up the paint brush and begin to paint my masterpiece called life.
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