Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keep the Pulse Beating for America

This is my city, the City of Orlando, with a heart beat so strong it's felt around the world.  Born and raised in Orlando, I have had the opportunity to see many changes take place over the years, but nothing has ever impacted my community the way the Pulse shooting did. Shock was the emotion that day, with hands over our mouths in disbelief, we could only hope it was just a bad dream... this does not happen in Orlando.

As the city awoke that Sunday morning, word about the tragedy traveled quickly around the world, that terrorist had come to our city to inflict fear in an attempt to disable us, make us weak.  Instead, something beautiful happened....The Pulse Movement came to life!  

Political correctness no longer mattered...my city came together, people of all races, religions and gender, together as ONE!  Blacks, white, Latino, gay's, lesbian's, straight, rich, poor, together, displaying that all lives mattered.

Arm in arm, singing, crying, praying, strangers would embrace each other with the love of God as they consoled each other. Hearts were changed, the community rallied around the victims families and sheltered them from this little group of heartless people that thrive on intimidation and threats of lawsuits. This little group thought they could take on this City of Love but what they received was the most incredible outpouring of love and strength our community has ever witnessed.  Standing tall and strong, not allowing the taunts to provoke the human chain members was an amazing sight to witness; the flesh wants to war openly but something kept these members strong. LOVE.

My prayer is that the love coming from my city will impact the hearts of the heartless, those that try to hurt us and those that feel they have the right to judge others.  Just imagine if every town in America came together like Orlando to help their community and put judgement and hate aside, what a beautiful country we would have again!

Through this tragedy there is hope, through hope there is vision with vision there is a dream and through the dream, there is change. 

    #OneLove #God #PeaceLovePulse #Rainbow 


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