Monday, October 7, 2013

Memories & Traditions of October

October welcomes special memories of smelling pumpkin spice, the scent of burning firewood drifting in the cool autumn air;  its enough to make anyone close their eyes and smile at the first scent. 
One of the first traditions for me is to carry down the decorations from the attic. Opening each box and begin pulling treasured items out to be displayed.  The cut-out Halloween decorations the kids made in school, still fall from the box of buried treasures and somehow still make their way to a special place to be displayed as it was the first day it was brought home years ago.

Searching for that perfect pumpkin is another tradition I love. Cutting out scary faces, pulling out strings of sticky seeds while making silly faces always makes the younger ones giggle. The proud moment when you place the candle inside and display the beautiful work of crooked faces and acknowledge another memory has just been created.

Building traditions with family is important. Watching my adult babies build traditions with their children, lets me know I did a wonderful job creating memories. They remember, they add their special touch while creating their own's a beautiful sight to see my granddaughter watching her mommy as she creates this new tradition of memories...

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