Monday, October 31, 2011

Look out 2012!

I have to admit, I've really struggled this year with my writing. Don't get me wrong, it is not because I do not have anything to say, it's been finding the time to sit down and write.

I cannot believe how fast time has passed this year, I will be 50 next October! I am so excited that I can say, "I'm so excited" while most women are sulking, cringing when someone asks you your age, I'm like someone please ask me, please card me, even when they do, you know it's only because they are in training! hahaha

I can finally breathe, knowing life is good after all. I may not have achieved a few short-term goals this year, but I did manage to move them to the top of the list for 2012.

I will be attending a music festival soon with my son, I honestly cannot wait. The weather will be perfect, no cell phones, internet, only a tent, the open outdoors and a lot of free-spirited people listening to great music.

I feel sorry for people who have never experienced outdoor living, there is something to be said about sleeping under the stars by an open fire with nothing to discuss but agreeing how beautiful the sky is...

I am ready to get my shit together and begin to blast out some serious writings this next year. It's taken me this long to get my ducks in order and I am so excited about focusing on moving to a tranquel location, where I can start painting and really focusing on the things that are important to me like playing the piano again, molding clay with my fingers, painting those long-awaited pictures, as well as a few personal writings.

It's Halloween and I'm going back to the fire pit with my glass of wine and think about what I will write about next.
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