Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Color Orange

Early this evening, an orange glow canvased my living room walls, as if the color was inviting me to the balcony to watch as it preformed for the last time today... I stepped outside onto the balcony and marveled at the sight of the sun as it set in the west. The view was magnificent.

How blessed I was to witness the beauty of the sunrise as it made its way to my small piece of heaven on earth, and to later wish that same sun a good night glance; being ever thankful for its presence. As I peered to the east, remembering the beauty of that first ray of light, and then peering to the west as the sun said its final good night, got me thinking about everything that transpires in the middle of my day.

Moments like these, should encourage everyone to stop, look around, open your minds to the possibilities of what life is saying to you. Know that you posses something special....that allows you to understand the significance of this life and your role within it....

Truly, what are you thankful for today?
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