Monday, May 6, 2013

A Special Mother's Day Message from a Blessed Mother and Grandmother-2013

The anticipation a new mommy feels after the long-awaited birth of her child enters the world, paints a picture full of emotions, questions, hopes and dreams displayed on the canvas of her heart.
In the grandmother role, I painted my own picture before the birth of my first granddaughter Willow. Let me begin by telling you how overwhelmed I was, when a bubble of emotion exploded and began pouring over me as I watched Willow take her first breath.  

I was blessed a few months later with my first grandson Levi. Again,  the emotional feelings of joy and love connected a missing link in my heart that only a grandparent understands.

Little Willow and Levi, two beautiful bundles of love; you opened our hearts to a love like no other.  What a beautiful gift to behold when your heart unwraps the sights and sounds of a new life beginning with a simple breath.
A mother's love is so complex when you think about the interrelated emotions that surface from a mother's soul. There is no greater love than the love between a mother and her child. 

When her child grows and becomes their own person, the mother's love continues to grow with them, even when her heart gets broken, she never stops loving...

The love for my children runs deep with powerful emotions that manage to take over when the heart strings are pulled, I call the "Released Love".

The "Released Love" a mother gives her children, will run through her grandchildren and will return to her in abundance; trusted love ensures confidence; tough love provides direction; sweet love invokes playfulness; forgiving love strengthens; all very important factors in this emotion we call love. 

Two babies in one year, their "Released Love" is in the making. Two new mommies have begun to impart love into the young hearts of these two beautiful babies sent to them from God.

As they celebrate their first Mother's Day, they will see the colors they have painted on their heart and know those colors of love will remain there forever....

                                                                                Happy Mother's Day Kristina and Alisun 2013

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